Direct Primary Care/Advanced Primary Care (DPC/APC) Webinar Learning Series

Webinar 2

How does Employer APC/DPC/Medicare Direct Care work?

December 2  1pm-2pm

Are you considering if your IPA should invest in delivery of Employer Advanced/Direct Primary Care/Medicare Direct Care? Hear from buyers and providers of APC/DPC about how they set up their own networks and the results they’re seeing. Our featured speakers will be Cristy Gupton, President of Custom Benefits Solutions, Michael Fondell of BizMed, and Robin Foust, CEO of myCatalyst. They’ll discuss common traits of Employers that are interested in APC/DPC, physician engagement, payment models, and integration technology. Our panel will take questions from attendees during the Q & A.

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Webinar 3

How can my IPA get started with Employer APC/DPC/Medicare Direct Care?

December 9  1pm-2pm

Are you looking for another revenue opportunity for your IPA? If you are considering your IPA investing in delivery of APC/DPC or Medicare Direct Care, this one is for you. Hear about the infrastructure you need to delivery APC/DPC or Medicare Direct Care to employers in your community and/or a Medicare Direct Care population. Our featured speakers will cover how to handle promotion of and member enrollment in DPCs, financial transactions with the employer for monthly membership fee, support to sell to employers, manage the DPCs participating, leverage data to get the best outcomes possible for patients, and meeting reporting needs of your IPA and employers’ expectations. Our panel will take questions from the audience during the Q&A, so have yours ready!

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If you missed this session, please be sure to join us for the next one!

Webinar 1

What is Employer DPC/APC/Medicare Direct Care?

November 18  1pm-2pm

Join us for this first of 3 webinars in the DPC/APC Learning Series to get answers to your questions. If you’re curious if your IPA should consider investing in delivery of Employer Advanced Primary Care/Direct Primary Care (APC/DPC)/Medicare Direct Care, this one’s for you! We’ll focus on common attributes to help you understand what Employer APC/DPC/Medicare Direct Care is all about, and why it’s referred to as APC and DPC. Our featured presenter will be Jed Constantz. Over his 40 plus years in healthcare, Jed has developed valuable tools and resources for primary care providers and employers seeking to reduce costs, drive greater efficiency, and improve outcomes. Today he will present 7 key attributes critical for successful Advanced Primary Care. Other experts on the panel will include Bill Lacy, CEO of ACHRM, and Robin Foust, CEO of myCatalyst.