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Your Information Infrastructure for Achieving Optimal Healthcare Outcomes.
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myCatalyst surpasses the limits of data warehousing and provides seamless integration with other vendor systems, synchronizing member data and providing physicians and employers with the opportunity to develop a proactive, strategic approach. Using best of class assignment and the implementation of care management programs, myCatalyst enables other vendor programs to fully execute their technologies to the fullest. As a secure, remote desktop solution, myCatalyst provides secure access to encrypted sessions and:

•  Facilitates incentive administration for programs rewarding multiple activities and outcomes
•  Supports the primary health manager model – patient centered care coordination
•  Provides opportunities for tracking of client specific and standard outcome measures such as PQRI
•  Identifies opportunities for member enrollment in other care management programs such as disease management,    case management, maternity management, and health promotion
•  Provides employers, care and practice managers with a member profile of all health management activities
•  Aggregates data from every aspect of member health and productivity management into a single data station and    updates at regular intervals as new data becomes available.
•  Provides hierarchical, statistical measures in a “drill down” format for predetermined dimensions such as age,    gender, disease condition and outcome measure
•  Offers expert data interpretation and recommendations through consolidated reporting options
•  Serves as an independent auditor to ensure optimal outcomes. The technology and our associates are your patient,    physician, and employer advocate
•  Supports the Patient Centered Medical Home and Pay for Outcomes methodologies

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