Population Health & Information Exchange

Population Health Analytics

We offer a spectrum of claims-based population health analyses for Providers and Employers, depending on client’s needs. These include standard Population Health Analysis, Population Health and Program Evaluation Analysis, Population Health and Productivity Analysis, and Population Health and Productivity Analysis with Program Evaluation. For Employers we can integrate productivity with claims data from available sources including workers’ compensation, disability (short and long term), and absenteeism.

Our population health solutions include powerful, easy-to-use platforms where client data is integrated from the patient level all the way up to high-level clinical and financial analytics. The platforms enable healthcare providers and stakeholders to work in unison with members to manage personal health at the population level. Our technological expertise and 30+ years of industry experience allows the flexibility to meet the needs of any size client and leverage their data, talent, and resources to optimize outcomes for the populations served.

We operate in a similar way as an electronic Health Information Exchange helping health care providers across the care continuum improve the quality, safety, timing, and cost of patient care through secure access to patient medical information. This allows for better tracking and secure sharing of patients’ complete medical histories, which in turn helps facilitate better coordinated patient care, reduce duplicative tests and treatments, and avoid costly errors. Clients also benefit from increased efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork through electronic automation, and facilitation of deployment of emerging technology and health related services.

Electronic health information systems can help prevent errors by ensuring that everyone involved in a patient’s care has access to the same information and reduce the amount of time patients spend filling out paperwork and briefing providers on their medical history, allowing more time for discussions about health concerns and treatments.

We coined the term PHIXTM to describe our unique position in the industry as a Population Health Analytics provider and the way we operate like a private Health Information Exchange. We offer solutions that empower executive decision making through leveraging data to identify and prioritize improvement areas, create specific strategies, and implement and monitor across the continuum of care.  While we do not directly provide health management services to individuals, we provide tools, solutions, and support for those who do to achieve the best outcomes. Our reputation is based on clean and accurate data integration, and collaborative problem solving to ensure client and program success.

Our services empower clients to:

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Reduce time, costs, and risk by automating end-to-end processes
  • Integrate with existing BI tools
  • Be more profitable decision makers with deep-dive data insights
  • Take ownership with a modern self-service driven approach

Data Integration & Diagnostics

This is the foundation for all that we do. Data Stewardship and Data Integrity are the cornerstones upon which we’ve built our reputation over the last 15+ years. Our technology and expertise provide unparalleled data diagnostics, translation, validation, and remediation. We integrate disparate data sources, perform diagnostics, and expose clean data, which gives clients confidence in the data, makes data easily accessible to support the decision-making process, and allows clinicians to achieve optimal outcomes.

In data integration we use ETL to maintain accuracy. We consume data from many sources, including employer claims (medical, pharmacy, eligibility), worker’s comp and disability, health screenings, lab results, on-site clinics, EMRs, telemedicine, digital devices, and more. Then we run diagnostics, translate, remediate when necessary, and validate. We regularly identify errors in data and work with the data source to fix them, giving clients the confidence that what they’re seeing is accurate, defendable data. This is always of paramount importance, especially for physicians as it affects their compensation.

We have experience integrating with 20+ EMR vendors, large and small, and we built our own CCDA Parser to interface with and get data out of EMRs, which helps reduce cost and eliminate barriers some EMRs have tried to put in place to get data out. We integrate lab data through national agreements with Quest and LabCorp, and we have experience with other labs such as Boston Heart. For DPCs, we integrate enrollment roster (HINT, Acressa) and the participating physician roster (NPI). Other Employer data integration options are available, if applicable, since many are inherently provided through DPC. These include Care Management Programs such as Medical Management, Large Case, Disease, Maternity, Health Management, Coaching, telemedicine, patient portal (push-pull), digital/blue tooth, and other electronic sources.

We coined the term PHIXTM to describe our unique position in the industry as a Population Health and private Health Information Exchange. We store data at the individual level and then aggregate it back up for analytics and reporting.


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