Analysis & Reporting

We deliver reports to meet each client’s needs. That includes bound hardcopy, digital presentations, and electronic dashboards. We supply the tools and analysis clients can leverage to achieve best outcomes for patients and populations served and optimal compensation for providers. We don’t perform patient outreach, but we help those who do to get better results.

Supports reporting needs such as:

ACO Web Interface Reporting (formerly GPRO)
Transitions of Care
Chronic Care Management(CCM)
Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Direct to Primary Care (DPC)
Other Payer Value-Based Contracts
Star Reporting

Population Health & Productivity Study
Annual/Interim Analytics

Bundled Rates

Tenure Eligibility Analysis

Actuarial Benefits Modeling

Custom/Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Provides Care Coordination and an eReferral management platform and Care Management Platform.
  • Expertise in servicing providers and commercial markets, including Employers and in working with Direct to Primary Care (DPC) models
  • Meets and exceeds HIPPA and data security regulations and goals
  • Ensures best outcomes for patients and populations served and optimal compensation for providers
  • Known for High Tech and High Service – including supportive training and mentoring to optimize the Population Reportal® with designer dashboard, report production and export, Physician Reportal®, and other utilities to support care management, care coordination and e-referrals, population health management like CCM, TCM, and other programs, and other systems and services.

Data Analysis

We offer a variety of population health analyses for Providers and Employers, which include a Population Health Analysis (PHA), a Population Health and Program Evaluation Analysis (PHPEA), a Population Health and Productivity Analysis (PHPA), or a Population Health and Productivity Analysis with Program Evaluation (PHPAPE). For clients who have three (3) years of historical data available and provided, our skilled in-house analysts perform an initial baseline report.

For Employers, if ordered and data is supplied, we integrate productivity with claims data from available sources including workers’ compensation, disability (short and long term), and absenteeism.

Executive Dashboards & Reports

Below are a few examples of the types of dashboards available in our Reportal platform.

Targeted Surgery and Radiology Dashboard

  • The top tile of this dashboard shows procedures by rendering provider, and includes a drill down where users can see how much procedures cost, number of claimants each procedure has been done for, and where they’re being done (hospital v ASC).
  • Additional tiles in this dashboard show by procedure, drill down to see rendering providers. Can see which ones are costing more.
  • We can create dashboards like this for any procedure code you’re interested in as long as we’re getting it from claims. Like mammogram, colonoscopy, etc.

Pharmacy Summary Dashboard

  • This is an example of a dashboard where users can see a snapshot of their population’s Pharmacy Spend for a given date range. The top 2 tiles are a Per Member Per Month look at Total Medical Spend and Total Pharmacy Spend.
  • The bottom left tile breaks out the PMPM Spend by Age Band, and the bottom right tile highlights Pharmacy Spend by Employee, Spouse, and Dependent.

Condition Sets Dashboard

This is another example of a different dashboard style and layout. Here users can see Total Medical Spend with a PMPM breakout by year. Each tile includes a different condition set with totals for each condition for the most recent date in the date range selected.

Core Condition Summary Dashboard

  • In this dashboard users can see a summary of the top core conditions by Total Medical Spend per year. The cells highlighted in pink in the left table indicate those that are higher than average.
  • The scroll over pop up in the graph gives breakdown by condition for the year selected.

Current Wellness and Depression Screening Dashboard

  • In this dashboard users can view details by individual practice or by selecting a group of practices in the left table. A list of beneficiaries, or members (depending on the population), is displayed in the right table along with average cost, current status for the selected screening, rendering provider, as well as the next date the screening is due.
  • We can change wellness visit to any other procedure code you’d like to monitor, such as mammogram, for example.