myCatalyst Technologies, Platforms & Services

Our current platforms and services include, but are not limited to: Data Integration, Stewardship, Diagnosis, and Remediation; Actionable Analytics and Meaningful Reporting; electronic Care Coordination and Referrals; and Population Health Management Analysis.

myCatalyst is known for finding and remediating errors in data sources beyond medical and pharmacy claims, such as Electronic Health Record systems and Labs. We support Direct to Primary Care/Direct Care, ACOs, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, Commercial, Value-based Models, Employers, and other models.

Our Technologies

We surpass the limits of data warehousing and provide seamless integration with other vendor systems, synchronizing member data and providing physicians and employers with the opportunity to develop a proactive, strategic approach. Using best of class assignment and the implementation of care management programs, we enable other vendor programs to fully execute their technologies to the fullest.

As a secure, remote desktop solution, our platforms provide secure access to encrypted sessions and:

  • Facilitate incentive administration for programs rewarding multiple activities and outcomes
  • Support the primary health manager model – patient centered care coordination
  • Opportunities for tracking client-specific and standard outcome measures, such as PQRI
  • Identify opportunities for member enrollment in other care management programs such as disease management, case management, maternity management, and health promotion
  • Give employers, care managers, and practice managers a member profile of all health management activities
  • Aggregate data from every aspect of member health and productivity management into a single data station and updates at regular intervals as new data becomes available
  • Hierarchical, statistical measures in a “drill down” format for predetermined dimensions such as age, gender, disease condition and outcome measure
  • Offer expert data interpretation and recommendations through consolidated reporting options
  • Serve as an independent auditor to ensure optimal outcomes
  • Support the Patient Centered Medical Home and Pay for Outcomes methodologies

Data Stewardship/Data Integrity

We pride ourselves on data stewardship and integrity. Our technology provides data diagnostics, translation, remediation and validation for accuracy. Our data validation gives confidence in what the data is saying, allows our clients to better defend data, and ensure clients achieve optimal outcomes.

We will help you avoid the following:

  • Errors in translation guides/data dictionaries
  • Duplicate claims (files that have to be corrected by payer)
  • Overlapping eligibility/attribution
  • Revenue errors when retroactively adding beneficiaries
  • Rebates included in reporting but not claims files—looks like a discrepancy
  • Random/inconsistent small administrative fees that add up to a lot of money
  • Attribution/assignment of deceased patients
  • Duplicate identification numbers issued to members

“ As an employer who focuses on population health management, wellness, and the well-being of our associates, myCatalyst has been instrumental in providing aggregate data that drives all of our decisions around wellness initiatives. The data they provide also guides our long-term strategy around benefit design. They are a leader when it comes to technology that links data and proven solutions in population health. They are an established partner and an integral part of our team.”

– Brett Henderson, Director, Benefits & Admin HR, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

Our Platforms & Services

We have two mature primary platforms refined over the past 12 years, with continued enhancements based on client and user preferences, changes in technology, codes, and care management protocols.

Pop Health: Our Population Health Platform provides tailored Care Management/Care Coordination for closing Gaps in Care, supporting TCM, HRCM, ER Outreach, Rx Adherence/Management, CCM, and more. As well as a Stratification Tool called eRefer that can be leveraged by users to improve outcomes by electronically referring patients that are not under management into health and care management programs.

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Population Reportal®: Our Population Reportal® platform provides Self-Service Data & Business Intelligence dashboards and executive reporting tools related to financial, quality measure, and other relevant data for the population type and data sources.

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