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   Solutions for Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives

Medicare's Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) is just the beginning of a trend to provide monetary incentives to physicians who want to track quality, measure performance and identify opportunities for proactive and preventative healthcare. With a focus on standardized measures developed by the AMA's Physician Consortium on Performance Improvement, PQRI measurement facilitates the opportunity for providers to receive not only monetary incentives, but also track the outcomes that are achieved through the execution of a particular intervention.

myCatalyst is a customized solution that helps providers become part of the dedicated efforts to develop a long term quality process and improve patient outcomes. Primary and specialty practices can use individual and group PQRI measures to track and report outcomes associated with:

•  Health Promotion
•  Acute, Chronic and Procedure Related Care
•  Care Coordination
•  Utilization of Available Patient Resources

The extensive branching logic of myCatalyst's configurable platform offers physicians and specialists with the ability to collaborate and modify the patient's care plan. myCatalyst provides triggers for patients who meet specific PQRI measure criteria through the integration of claims data and the identification of disease state, CPT code, lab results, medication data and other physician specific standards.

Education and Training
PQRI measure reporting is simple when there is a clear understanding of the measures and reporting options. myCatalyst subject matter experts offer practices a comprehensive evaluation to assist practice managers in determining which measures and method of reporting should be used to report on PQRI measures. Some factors the myCatalyst staff considers include:

•  Provider Setting Does the provider deliver primary or specialty care?
•  Patient Conditions Does the provider typically treat acute or chronic conditions
•  Individual provider quality improvement goals What type of quality initiatives and reporting standards are in    place?

Training also provides practice managers with the information necessary to understand the following:
•  PQRI Measure Definitions
•  CPT, Modifier and G-code assignment to patient interventions
•  Reporting Options
•  How to address reporting challenges
•  Deadlines

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