Population Reportal®
A myCatalyst Platform

Meet Our Population Reportal® Platform

Population Reportal® is our proprietary, self-service dashboard and reporting platform for business and data intelligence where users can export reports and mine their data to monitor what’s going on with their population.

Our Population Reportal® Platform Provides:

Health Risk Assessments

Data Aggregation



Population Reportal® contains trending, condition, medical event, and other standard population reports, plus customized client-specific reports. It features a Dashboard Designer option for clients who have in-house talent that we train to build their own dashboards and reports. We work hand in hand with clients to develop custom automated reporting, and end clients of our client can access their own dashboards and reports here as well.

Clients can choose setup in the Reportal® based on Single Group or Multi Group database. Clients can study and produce reports for each group, any combination of groups, or all groups residing in the platform.


Reports available here include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial data, demographic, Medical Events
  • Outcomes/Quality Measure performance – Exam adherence risk stratification, risk  cost, risk modification, what and who is driving cost, if population health management  strategies are working or not, medication adherence
  • Network performance – higher quality/lower cost physicians and facilities
  • Executive Reporting – Financial, including executive financial reporting to help identify resource allocation for greatest potential return on investment, risk analysis, risk modification, medication adherence, risk indicator/measure performance, and others as agreed between Client and myCatalyst
  • Impact on Disability or Workers’ Comp (if data is provided)