Population Health
A myCatalyst Platform

Meet Our Pop Health Platform

Our Population Health platform allows users to perform Health Management and Care Management Services, including Closing Gaps in Care, Transitional Care Management, and improving evidence-based guidelines. It includes its own aggregate data analytic tools with drill down to the patient and, if available, the provider level so users can evaluate program performance at all levels and take immediate action. It also houses eRefer, a referral management tool for clients who do that type of patient outreach. We do not do any patient outreach ourselves, but support those who do to get the best outcomes.

Our Pop Health Platform Provides:


Care Coordination

Gaps in Care

HCC Coding

Referral Management

Performance Reporting

Risk Stratification

Workflow Optimization

Care Coordination

Care coordination synchronizes the delivery of a patient’s health care data from multiple providers and specialists to eliminate data silos and reduce health care costs by preventing redundant tests and procedures.

Gaps in Care

Users are able to make a data-driven decisions to determine which measures to prioritize, identify individual members who need specific gaps closed, and then produce reports to track progress and results.

eRefer – Referral Management

eRefer stands for electronic referrals, and is a powerful tool for providers to make and keep track of patient referrals throughout the care continuum. It streamlines communication among primary care physicians, specialists, and healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care. This includes a two-step process that myCatalyst’s clinical staff is available to perform, or we train client’s staff to do it.

The two steps are Gap Analysis and Care Coordination.  In all cases, myCatalyst generates a Gap Analysis list. Gap Analysis is performed and generates lists of individuals who would benefit from intervention, but are not currently enrolled in the interventions implemented by the client. Care Coordination is then performed based on the Gap Analysis.  This is the actual electronic referral of the individuals identified from Gap Analysis through stratification and outcomes monitoring. The referrals is completed by sending a secure notification to the most appropriate program available through a vendor or other Client interventions.

Identifying Candidates for eReferral

Our proprietary, comprehensive Care Coordination & Management and Referral Management platform, that includes a powerful, actionable reporting tool.