myCatalyst Platforms

Health care providers have clinical data on patient care and insurance companies have claims data. We pull in both and use risk stratification and predictive modeling to transform the data into actionable information that identifies high-risk patients and populations, and opportunities for cost containment. Our informatics and analytics experts collect, translate, and aggregate data into customized, drillable dashboards. Then our health care experts interpret it and help clients apply the data to their organization.

Our powerful, intuitive platform suite provides healthcare organizations and professionals with secure, comprehensive access to clinical, financial, and workflow data that can be leveraged to better understand treatment options, meet evolving regulatory requirements, and streamline operations to improve patient care and financial outcomes. The components are modular and we work with each client to tailor programs and reporting to fit their specific needs.

Population Reportal®

Our Population Reportal® platform provides Self-Service Data & Business Intelligence dashboards and executive reporting tools related to financial, quality measure, and other relevant data for the population type and data sources.

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Pop Health Platform

Our Population Health Platform provides tailored Care Management/Care Coordination for closing Gaps in Care, supporting TCM, HRCM, ER Outreach, Rx Adherence/Management, CCM, and more. As well as a Stratification Tool called eRefer that can be leveraged by users to improve outcomes by electronically referring patients that are not under management into health and care management programs.

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