About myCatalyst

We provide system and service support for data warehousing, integration, population health, prescriptive and actionable analytics, and meaningful reporting, resulting in optimal financial and healthcare outcomes for populations served. Our reputation is based on clean and accurate data integration, and collaborative problem solving to ensure client and program success.


Achieve optimal physician, employer, and patient health/healthcare outcomes through coordination of patient-centered care with providers of interventions. myCatalyst is not a direct provider of health and productivity management services, however, we provide critical systems and services support for clients striving to improve their performance and get the best healthcare and financial outcomes possible.


myCatalyst functions as a catalyst for healthcare transformation by leveraging data, analytics, systems, and services to help local models of care achieve optimal healthcare and financial outcomes for populations served – one individual at a time, and one population at a time.

Data Stewardship/Data Integrity

We pride ourselves on data stewardship and integrity. Our technology provides data diagnostics, translation, remediation and validation for accuracy. Our data validation gives confidence in what the data is saying, allows our clients to better defend data, and ensure clients achieve optimal outcomes.

We will help you avoid the following:

  • Errors in translation guides/data dictionaries
  • Duplicate claims—files had to be corrected by payer
  • Overlapping eligibility/attribution
  • Revenue errors when retroactively adding beneficiaries
  • Rebates included in reporting but not claims files—looks like a discrepancy
  • Random/inconsistent small administrative fees that add up to a lot of money on aggregate
  • Attribution/assignment of deceased patients
  • Duplicate Identification #s issued to members


  • One of the founders played a pivotal role in the award of two C. Everett Koop Awards for work and outcomes related to Condition and Maternity Management
  • Recipients of leadership awards for Wellness in the field of Health & Human Performance
  • We serve diverse populations including Self-insured, Fully Insured, Medicare, Medicaid, Integrated Networks like ACOs and other CIN models, Medicare Advantage, value-based contracts, insurance carriers and TPAs, and other provider organizations
  • Articles published in peer-reviewed journals, guides (Best Practice for Engaging Patients, Outcomes, Evaluation), book chapters on healthcare topics, articles on HIE, and more
  • Pioneered maternity management, care coordination with electronic referrals to all providers along the care continuum, productivity data integration, population health analysis, and reporting
  • CMS reporting for all quality measures. This involves getting data from PMS’s, and/or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and reporting to CMS following proper security protocol. We have integrated with over 20 EMRs and counting, and built our own CCDA parser to reduce any costs that EMR vendors may try to charge. We were one of the first PQRS registries and is now a CMS-Approved QCDR

“myCatalyst’s history, background, experience, and responses to our RFP really hit home. ACHRM’s Data Analytics Pilot has 9 decision-making components and none of the analytics products currently on the market can assist with those. myCatalyst’s willingness and openness to go beyond standard reporting to explore innovative solutions to fill the void that other analytics firms were not able to meet really impressed us.”

– Bill Lacy, CEO, The Association for Corporate Risk Health Management