As the healthcare industry is transitioning from volume- to value-based care, organizations need tools that provide powerful insights to improve care quality, utilization, and financial performance to achieve the best outcomes for the populations they’re serving. Our services and platforms provide patient-specific, actionable analytics using the power of our proprietary software to integrate seamlessly with any EHR, provider portal, or other platform to complement and strengthen existing programs.

Our modular solutions support healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and employers across the country to achieve and maintain improved clinical and quality outcomes, increased utilization efficiencies, optimized financial performance, and improved care quality.


Data Integration and Diagnostics

Actionable Analytics and Meaningful Reporting

Optimal Financial and Healthcare Outcomes


Our passion is serving what we call local models of care to get the best outcomes possible, one population at a time, one individual at a time.

We are not a provider of the service solution, but we help those who do provide those solutions to be more effective through consolidated data, analysis and reporting, and tools to leverage data. We pull data in from any population health management activity including coaching, disease management, large case management, clinics, Direct to Primary Care models, provider data, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, among many others. Population Health Analysis can be done by our skilled in-house analysts, or by client’s own staff if they have the talent and experience and want to do it themselves. We provide extensive customized training on how to use our platforms so clients can produce their own population health studies, analyses, and ad hoc custom reports. Our goal is to fit in where and how each client needs us.




We call ourselves Quietly Successful as we’ve grown steadily over the last 15+ years primarily through word-of-mouth based on our reputation for data accuracy and stewardship, consolidated reporting, and skilled in-house analysts who make actionable recommendations for achieving optimal outcomes.


"myCatalyst supports our efforts as a physician-led, technology-powered, value-based healthcare organization. We use the myCatalyst infrastructure to provide insights and guidance in a wide variety of value-based initiatives, and rely on the myCatalyst team to support and guide our data-driven efforts.

MyCatalyst is a proven, experienced, and knowledgeable part of our team."
- Sasha Ballen, Chief Technology Officer, R-Health